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Dave and I have been able to locate two good money-making properties
and purchase them because of our courses and the mentoring we have
received at Millionaire Academy. Attending Millionaire Academy has given us the confidence we need to finally realize our dream of becoming real estate investors. We will never be the same after this!!

Mary and Dave

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Facility Name: A Step In The Right Direction
To Whom It May Concern,
I really want to thank Virginia Swanson - Kaufman for her generous donation.
Warmest Regards,
Owner of A Step In The Right Direction
This is what we do here in our facility:
Sober Living Recovery Home for Women

Homes And Units Network I really like the trustee section today. I need to develop a strategy for developing partnerships and this helps.

This week I will close escrow on my second property. I purchased this one 100% financing and seller paid for closing costs.


Virginia Swanson Consulting

Homes And Units Network Photographer Paul Graham (British, born 1956) will be lecturing in Minneapolis at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

From the MIA events webpage:

“This is the first lecture of a new photography initiative New Pictures Program. This lecture is also the first Arnold Newman Lecture for Photography. Newman (1918-2006) is acknowledged as one of the great masters of the 20th and 21th century and his work has has changed portraiture. Paul Graham is an artist photographer whose work operates in the territory traditionally reserved for documentary photography but uses and abuses the classic genres of photography to map a cultural and social topography.

Millionaire Academy Workshops

Marketing services to desired client base, and/or on issues relating to artist’s relations.

Ms. Swanson has been working closely with photographic agencies since starting her career at Magnum’s New York office in 1984. She has a unique perspective on editing image files and marketing campaigns targeted to the high-end buyer of imagery for commercial purposes.

Among the projects on which Ms. Swanson has lent her expertise:

* Identifying photographs within agency image files that have potential for sales in the high-end advertising markets.
* Providing current analysis of specific market segments towards helping agencies to more appropriately target their marketing efforts.
* Tailoring agency promotional planning to maximize agency visibility within targeted client base(s).
* Identifying creative photographers to recruit and tailor artists relations towards securing their ongoing participation.
* Assisting agency with on-going education of agency photographers to provide awareness of industry resulting in optimum relevant material for client consideration.

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